REDMEAT the best god damn web builders in the tri-state area
"the  redmeat crew" while at a seminar about cold fusion code  and the benefits of wood siding

REDMEAT Website Construction is your No.1 choice for slowly loading, over lapping, generic web pages. Our certified team specializes in the creation of viruses,worms, freeze ups, and general glitches.
we create and install...
annoying pop up windows!! exit pop ups, windowless pop ups, and the ever popular, hidden pop up. We make cookies that can't be deleted!! For over 40 years we have been creating and sending out endless amounts of spam and those never ending "porn mailers". We can tailor an, http error 404 "file not found" message to suit your needs!! We can even invade your privacy upon request. Have you ever had to wait forever for your favorite download? WE DID THAT!! and we can do it for your website.

Ask about our "CUT and PASTE" deal !!
We can save you $$$$$ on your next build by
Stealing from Others!!

All of our team are members of the
" International webworking union " local 557

We are also allied members of...
"home page furnishings"
Our specialized metal shop is capable of
total table resizing and alt tag rewording.
We are conviently located on the corner of
belmont ave. in the hammock district.

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pimp systems management corporation Since 1938
dicky bernhard,demolition foreman-head of de-programming
Our highly trained
destroy all your
working links!
we guarantee zero
web surfing!!
fukkin' shit up 6am 7 days a week
We dont' start drinkin till brunch. Thats our promise!!

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