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Fall 2005 issue
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The Art Pimp

NAME: Ron Wharton a.k.a. rwharton
a.k.a. "The Art Pimp"
weapon of choice: Acrylic on wood
Part1/Raised on the Eastern shore of
Maryland. Played bass and screamed in a
punk band called T.F. for 10 years in the
Ocean City, Baltimore/D.C. area. got bored,
started T-shirt co. called Soulfish surf industries,
realized I didnt like fish and
I didnt have a soul, so I switched
gears and helped run a rave in OC called
Skylab. During this time started painting
professionally. Sold a shitload of art,
got cold and bored, moved to
San Diego and started back at square one.
Part 2/ met Seth Yates in Ocean Beach
(where I currently live) set up shop
in his salon where I continue to irritate
society on a daily basis
with my self taught art.

questions for the pimp,

Any advice for art grommets just startin out?
yeah you better have a love for art or a love
for eatin ramen noodles.
What are your pleasures?
art, sex, dope, no more no less.
What are your goals as an artist?
To make a mockery of everything in existance and
to buy that solid gold house I've always wanted.
Any shows commin up?
no, but I'm gettin a lot of flack from my patrons and
loved ones to show the rest of the world my dementia,
so I'm currently applying to galleries. If you want me,
call me, I'm friendly and obnoxiously professional.
How would you describe yourself?
I like the word "politemare".
I'm a personable, charming fellow that has
an overwhelming amount of sarcastic anger
seething just below my surface.
Any last words?

Mr. and Mrs. America

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